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Whether you’re looking for a website, app, or course on how to market independently, here at GravyTrain we provide it all. Every business needs a strong online presence and we’re your one-stop solution.

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website creation

Website Creation

We ensure building your website based on your requirements after analyzing the requirements needed to improve your business, ensuring 100% profit. We analyze the current market, then develop and deliver your website on time. We confirm delivering the best product on time by ensuring regular meetings where you can give us revisions.


As website creation is our primary service, it’s only right that we allow them to rank highly on search engines! SEO increases organic discovery & high quality traffic. It provides 24/7 promotion, offers great ROI and improves credibility and trust.

Digital Growth for SBO’s: Marketing Course

Our online course covers Facebook Ads in huge depth, it also touches on the basics of Google Ads. It also includes Content Creation, CLV, Branding, Email Marketing, and Ad Copy. Why pay a digital marketing agency when you can do it yourself?


Having an app is user-friendly and allows your customers to order directly from you with just a few taps. Apps can bring extra traffic to your shop by marketing your online presence with the use of your own website. Users will get the right experience by finding you effortlessly and easily. Apps are perfect for loyal returning customers; they are the future!

We Provide Solutions to
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Our team works the hours that suits them, where suits them best. We are completely flexible and relaxed. Since we have made this change, our creativity and results levels have boomed at all-time high.

Long-term, Transparent Relationships

It does not excite us, nor is there a point in us working with a client for a short period then parting ways forever. It is all about being honest and up-front, this is how we provide the best results ROI.

Teamwork – We Click Differently

Forget the clicks on a mouse or laptop, it is important that we all click together in sync. Team relationships drive success in our team, and equally it is important that you click with us.


You grow, we grow too. That is how it works. Allowing you to reach your business goals is what gives us our drive and determination.

Complete Control at your Fingertips

We provide you with your very own management solution. You can manage your website/application straight from your very own dashboard.

Clients Testimonials

I’d been meaning to find a web developer for a long time, but as a business owner you don’t have much spare time. GravyTrain Media was recommended to me by my staff members. They emphasised their developers had loads of experience and were a pleasure to deal with. They didn’t disappoint, the rest is history.

Pierre Griffes

We’ve had the shop for years, but now it seems online shopping and Ecommerce is taking over. GravyTrain made us a priority because they knew we weren’t the best on this front. We feel we have a much better online reputation now.


The majority of our business is done online, a good website is essential for us. We used Wix at the start and built our own website. The platform couldn’t deal with the traffic we were driving, and it didn’t look very aesthetically pleasing at all. GravyTrain transferred us onto a different platform and now our website looks sick! It’s exactly what we needed.


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